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Financial Planning

The financial needs of every family are unique. It is not uncommon for family members to wonder how they will pay for their loved one’s expenses, especially if they have complex health or behavioral needs. It’s best to start financial planning early, educate yourself and surround your family with a strong team of financial planners and attorneys to provide you the best financial advice. 

Below are some considerations for families beginning their financial planning journey:

  • Identify and Prioritize Your Goals: What is important to your family and your loved one with a disability? How will you ensure those priorities continue when you are no longer around?
  • Develop a List of Your Resources: What resources does your loved one with a disability have available to them now? Is there a need for additional financial support to meet their needs?
  • Arrange an Appointment with a Professional: Have you identified a financial planner? Do you feel confident they can educate you in special education financial planning?
  • Review and Monitor Your Financial Plan: Is your financial plan current? Do other need-to-know people have copies or access to your plan if necessary?

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