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Benefits and Entitlements

Understanding what available financial resources and supports are accessible to your family member with a disability is an important piece of Life Planning. A helpful first step is to research and locate the resources necessary to fund a family member’s life planning expenses. 

These expenses could help cover or off-set costs associated with living expenses, habilitative programming, medical care or adaptive equipment costs, advanced education, employment support, social experiences, end of life care needs and more. 

First, begin by determining monthly expenses and estimate the income your family member will have from sources including: 

• Social Security and/or Disability Benefits 

• Savings and Investments

• Supplemental Needs Trusts 

• SNAP or HEAP Benefits 

• Employment Income 

Sources to gather information can be located at these links:

Next, determine if there is a need for additional resources to cover your family member’s expenses. Available resources may include:

• Government Benefits

• Medicaid Waiver Services 

• Grants or Scholarships

• Savings Accounts including ABLE accounts

Sources to gather or apply for resources can be located at these links:

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