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Aging impacts us all.

Decades ago, most individuals living with intellectual disabilities, particularly those with Down syndrome, had life expectancies of about 30 years. Due to improved healthcare, more active lifestyles, and other factors, those with Down syndrome are now living well into their 60s and those with intellectual disabilities are experiencing life expectancy rates similar to the non-disabled population.

As individuals’ age, the likelihood of developing symptoms associated with dementia increases significantly. And individuals’ living with Down syndrome, have an even higher risk of developing dementia. Dementia can be characterized as a group of conditions that cause impairment to the brain and may display a variety of symptoms including declines in memory, problem-solving or cognitive skills and in the ability to perform everyday activities.

In order to continue to meet the aging-related needs of the individuals we support, The Kennedy Willis Center has developed innovative practices, programs and services as part of our Aging Initiatives which focus on several key areas.

  • Education & Outreach
  • Individual Health & Wellness
  • Physical Environment
  • Program Enhancements
  • Workforce Training

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