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Center Expansion

Education and Enrichment Center Expansion

Through two anonymous gifts totaling $2.2 million, Pathfinder Village will embark on an expansion at Pathfinder School for a new integrated preschool, new spaces for the Village Enrichment Department, and to complete renovations to existing classrooms and other enhancements.


Construction will commence in spring 2020, with expected completion in the fall. Pathfinder Village is a residential community and services provider that offers individualized, high-quality services to people with Down syndrome and other developmental disabilities.

“The new preschool will be on the west side of the existing building and will accommodate up to 24 students in an inclusive setting that will serve all children, regardless of their abilities,” he said. The new preschool will also have a new outdoor play area, specifically designed for young children. A new art room and therapy rooms will be built to accommodate services for older students and Enrichment programs for adults with developmental disabilities.


Pathfinder School first opened in 1980 as part of Pathfinder Village’s initial phase of construction. Over the years the school has become a valuable resource to the state’s public school systems. Numerous students attend Pathfinder School from area school districts that are unable to meet students’ specialized needs or provide individualized supports. Students at Pathfinder School are evaluated and specially tailored Individual Education Programs (IEP) are developed in conjunction with their home districts and Pathfinder School staff.

Mr. Landers noted that Pathfinder Village was approached over a year ago by an anonymous donor inquiring about funding a preschool on the Pathfinder campus. At the same time, a second donor approached Pathfinder about a planned gift to be used exclusively for educational purposes.

“After careful thought and consideration, our Board and Leadership Team thought it was a wonderful opportunity to bring these two generous gifts together to make important renovations to the school’s existing structure, which will meet our current students’ needs, as well as allow us to keep up with current learning trends,” said Mr. Landers. “The opportunity to serve a new population of children through the preschool will be a great addition to the Pathfinder campus and the community at large.”


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“Pathfinder Village helps people find their
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