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Day Services

At Pathfinder Village, our adult day services are designed to help men and women with developmental disabilities discover their own path. To learn more about our service plans and safety procedures in light of the COVID-19 pandemic, please visit our 2020 reopening page.

Our signature day programs are centered around the following principles:

  • Person-Centered Planning: Individually tailored plans address each participant’s unique and comprehensive personal and social needs, aspirations, and dreams. 
  • Self-advocacy: Each participant experiences true self-direction of services.
  • Small group setting: Ensures individualized attention and flexibility.
  • Active community engagement: Social growth through volunteer opportunities is strongly emphasized.
  • Professionally trained direct support professionals: Caring DSPs serve a variety of functions including ISP coordination, community connections, and family linkage. 

For over 30 years, we have cultivated relationships with true community-based partners, including colleges, universities, civic organizations, small businesses, and internationally known corporations. We offer a choice of a wide variety of exceptional volunteer experiences, with flexible but structured supports to engage every participant.

Recognizing that transportation is a major barrier to accessing the community for men and women residing in very rural areas, Pathfinder provides transportation from established pick-up/drop-off locations throughout the area. 

Our Programs 

Day service participants at Pathfinder Village create their own individually tailored program and schedule to meet their specific needs. Each of our programs:

  • Provides meaningful life experiences that enhance a participant’s independence and encourage full participation in the community. 
  • Improves independent living skills through dynamic, community-based services. 
  • Enables contribution to the community through volunteering and participation in community organizations.
  • Encourages participants to gain greater independence, improve communication skills, develop self-advocacy skills, make choices, and direct actions. 

We also offer prevocational services that encourage and enable personal contribution and social growth through community-based services by engaging participants in the development of employment-readiness skills.

“Pathfinder Village helps people find their
way in life to independence, success, and
maturity — all the things you want for your family.”
Marian Mullet | Founder of Pathfinder Village