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Person Centered Planning

Person-centered planning is an evidence-based life planning model designed to empower individuals with intellectual disabilities to actively shape their own futures through self-determination. The Kennedy Willis Center plays an integral role in understanding the importance of this model and designing and implementing a true person-centered process where individuals, family members and providers, as part of an individual’s Circle of Support team, work in full partnership to guarantee that each individual’s values, experiences and knowledge drive the creation of a personalized service plan as well as the delivery of services and supports across the board.

The Person-Centered Planning Process is a four-phase approach to ensure the individual’s personal goals, hopes and dreams are not only heard and validated, but respected and pursued.

  • Phase I: Discovery
  • Phase II: Circle of Support Team Meetings
  • Phase III: Development of Service Plan
  • Phase IV: Monitoring and Evaluating Plans 

See the full PCP Model Description

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