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Over 21! Classes

As part of our goal to create community, Pathfinder Village regularly offers semesters of community education classes for adults, OVER 21! through which friends and neighbors may stay fit or explore new hobbies.  

View the latest OVER 21 Registration Brochure!

Classes are announced during the spring and fall, with different courses each semester to appeal to people of different interests. Classes may meet once or twice a session, or may be offered weekly for up to eight weeks. Most courses have a one-time registration fee or a per session/materials fee. To learn more about upcoming options, please contact Paula Schaeffer, Director of Enrichment and Music Programs, at (607) 965-8377, ext. 126. 

“We’ve had great success and fun through our earlier OVER 21! classes and other continuing education classes we’ve offered through the years," said Mrs. Schaeffer. "We think that many of our area neighbors would enjoy learning new skills or meeting those who share similar interests.”

2018 Fall Arts & Crafts classes require pre-registration; interested hobbyists may register by:

  • downloading the brochure and mailing in their course payment;
  • by stopping at the Finance Office at the Pathfinder Village Commons;
  • or by calling (607) 964-8377, ext. 101 (please leave a message). 
  • For more information, please email pschaeffer@pathfindervillage.org.

Current Courses include:


Sun., Nov.  4, 2018
1-3 p.m.

Otsego County artist Andrea House will work with students as they explore different subjects and mediums to create their own unique prints of the natural world. Pre-registration is required; a fee of $15, payable upon registration. 


Fri., Nov. 9, 2018
6-8 p.m.

Taught by craft aficionado Allison Jensen, crafters will learn how to create and apply a vinyl design and create a stylish home décor piece.  These signs make the perfect gift for any occasion!   Pre-registration is required; a fee of $25 is payable upon registration.  


Sun., Nov. 11, 2018
1-4 p.m.

This class will introduce basic weaving techniques, and color will be added to make each project unique. A great project for the beginner weaver!  Pre-registration is required; fee of $40, payable upon registration.  Please bring a towel to class.  A minimum of 5 students is required.


Wed., Nov. 14, 2018
6-8 p.m.

Sat., Nov. 17, 2018
10 a.m. -Noon

TWO SESSIONS:  Create festive hand-painted silk scarves with Pathfinder’s Art Specialist, Diane McNeil.  Scarves make beautiful holiday gifts!  Pre-registration is required; fee of $15, per scarf, payable upon registration. Maximum of six students per session. 

Day/Time Description Fee/Requirements Location
7-8 pm

ZUMBA®, offered by Licensed Instructor Zoe Curtis. Join in this FUN exercise class which is a lively combination of Latin dance and fitness.

Per class: $5, payable at class.

Pathfinder Gym

April 9-May 19
4:30-5:30 pm

DASH TO THE SPLASH:  Join up for a fun fitness & training program to get ready to walk or run the Splash Path 5K and Fun Walk. Teams will meet two days each week to build strength and stamina. Kids' activities & 1 mile training opportuniites offered too! FREE; Pre-register
by emailing splashpath@

Pathfinder Gym

March 7-April 11
6-7 pm

Yoga with Tracey: Offered by Certified Instructor Tracey Lippitt.  Learn a series of gentle stretches that can be done every day to help you unwind.  All students should wear loose clothing and bring a yoga mat.  Six sessions will be offered.

Per class: $10, payable at class.

Pathfinder Meeting House

Thursdays & Fridays
April 26 & 27
6-8 p.m

Hearth Basketry:  Noted basket maker Martha Bremer will show you how to make a versatile hearth basket, which can be used for kindling or as a multi-use carrier.  This is a great project for beginners.   Pre-registration is required; fee of $50, payable upon registration.  A minimum of 8 students is needed.

Pathfinder Commons

April 28
2-4 p.m.

Embossed Cards:  Join instructor Andrea House in making beautiful embossed cards that you may use to keep in touch with friends and loved ones.  Course fee includes all materials and tools.   Pre-registration is required; fee of $15, payable upon registration.

Pathfinder Commons

May 2
6-8 p.m.

Marbling on Paper: Make colorful magic happen through this fun class with Pathfinder Art Specialist Diane McNeil.  Participants will try different techniques to learn the basics of this historic decorative art. 

Pre-registration is required; fee of $10, payable upon registration.

Pathfinder Commons

May 9
6-8 p.m.

Book Binding:  Join Art Specialist Diane McNeil in this artful exploration of traditional book binding techniques.  Class participants may use paper from the marbling class as book covers if desired.

Pre-registration is required; fee of $10, payable upon registration.



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