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Message From Our CEO

Dear Families & Friends,

Recently, I received a letter in my inbox from Christopher Scott, my good friend and a long-time Pathfinder resident. He is well known around the Village as a great letter writer.

This simple and familiar gesture reminded me of the importance of human connection and how it has been profoundly interrupted by the pandemic: students unable to attend school in-person, residents not able to visit with family as often or attend community outings, the simple ability for everyone to go about their Village as usual. With the same ingenuity and passion that created Pathfinder Village 40 years ago, our staff rallied together and created social connections across our campus and beyond: Modified enrichment activities, physically distanced concerts and campfires, video chats and remote learning sessions, and many more engagement efforts helped to lessen the impact of the pandemic.

Like our Village staff, families and friends mobilized and came to Pathfinder’s aid—boxes of gifts and hobby supplies piled up week-after-week; our tournament fans and players donated over 80% of our typical event proceeds for the scholarship fund; and the responses to our COVID-19 appeals for workforce support and PPE supplies have been overwhelming! The generosity and acts of kindness through this incredible time have lightened the load and given us hope.

Like Christopher’s letter, may this letter be a reminder of how important our family and friends are to Pathfinder. 

Thank you for your interest.

Best Regards,
Paul C. Landers
President & Chief Executive Officer
(607) 965–8377, ext. 102
[email protected]



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