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DsRocks Project Launched to Celebrate World Down Syndrome Day

EDMESTON, NY, MARCH 10, 2017 … Pathfinder Village, a remarkable planned residential community for people with Down syndrome and other disabilities, will launch a new #DsRock project to join the global celebration of World Down Syndrome Day on Tuesday, March 21. The DsRocks Project is a Facebook Group through which people show support for those with Trisomy 21 through positive messages on hand-painted stones.

“The idea combines the fun of scavenger hunts with storytelling and social networking,” said Director of Admissions Kelly Meyers. “‘Rockers’ paint stones featuring the label #DsRocks, and join the Facebook group. They will post pictures of their rocks on-line, and then may place them in community settings. As people find the rocks, they will post new pictures to share the rocks’ journeys. As stories evolve, community awareness of the abilities of people with Down syndrome will grow through people’s common experiences.”

Pathfinder Village has reached out to community partners so others may participate in DsRocks, including NYCM Insurance staff, local school students, and groups at Colgate University, Hamilton, and Hartwick College and the State University of New York, both in Oneonta. Members of Pathfinder’s 5K training group, DASH TO THE SPLASH, will start their program by painting rocks when they meet on Tuesday, March 21 in Edmeston.

“World Down Syndrome Day (WDSD) began in 2006 and was recognized by the United Nations in 2012,” said Mrs. Meyers. “March 21, ‘3-21,’ is the celebration date as it represents the triplication of the 21st chromosome, the genetic cause of 95% of occurrences of Down syndrome.”

Pathfinder’s WDSD observation begins with Pathfinder Produce’s Fourth Anniversary, on Thursday and Friday, March 16 & 17. These fresh produce markets are held on Thursdays in Edmeston, and Fridays in Morris, to help meet families’ weekly nutritional needs. On these days, the markets will host cooking demonstrations, offer 5% discounts, and start a new Referral Incentive Program. The markets are a partnership program with the Bassett Research Institute, local schools’ 5210 Committees, and the United Methodist Church, Morris.

Another activity to celebrate WDSD on March 21 will take place at NYCM Insurance locations in Edmeston and Sherburne, through which members of Pathfinder Village’s Adult Day Services will be celebrity croupiers for charity games of “21,” to benefit the Village’s recreation and music programs.

“World Down Syndrome Day has grown recently, and it raises awareness of abilities and individuals’ contributions within our communities,” said Pathfinder Village CEO Paul C. Landers. “It is exciting to see that people with Trisomy 21 are empowered and stepping into the spotlight, but we also recognize many of the 7 million people with Down syndrome, still face significant barriers and burdens as they work to achieve lives of meaning.”

To learn more about Pathfinder Village, please call (607) 965-8377, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., visit the website at, or visit our page on Facebook.


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