Kennedy Willis Center, LIFEPlan & ACANY Partner to Expand Aging Services

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Edmeston, New York, February 9, 2024 … The Kennedy Willis Center on Down Syndrome is pleased to announce an expanded partnership with LIFEPlan CCO NY and Advanced Care Alliance of New York (ACANY). Established in 1996 as a leading resource center in the areas of research, education, and life planning needs, the Kennedy Willis Center has spent the last decade advancing its knowledge and expertise in the areas of aging and dementia services for individuals with Down syndrome and other intellectual and developmental disabilities.

“We want to ensure the delivery of quality care across a person’s entire lifespan–but what we consistently hear from families and providers is the unfortunate gaps in available services and training programs that support age and cognitive-related changes for older populations. Establishing readily accessible resources and collaborating with leading provider organizations like LIFEPlan CCO and ACANY will reaffirm the commitment to comprehensive and long-term quality services for people and their caregivers,” said Brittany Goodrich, Kennedy Willis Center Director.

Through this partnership, the Center will work closely with LIFEPlan and ACANY, two of New York State’s largest Care Coordination Organizations who formed a strategic partnership in 2021 that allowed for the expansion of inclusive services to its members and families through a network of highly trained human service and healthcare professionals. Today their services support over 44,000 members across 45 counties in New York State.

"We recognize the importance of person-centered services and resources for individuals with intellectual and developmental disabilities,” said Nick Cappoletti, CEO at LIFEPlan CCO and ACANY. “By partnering with the Kennedy Willis Center, we can further expand and enhance our care management and clinical support to our members with Down syndrome and those who are experiencing age-related cognitive issues. LIFEPlan and ACA are committed to forming partnerships with experts to better serve our members and their families.”

Through the agreement, the Kennedy Willis Center’s staff will maintain a call center for families and direct care staff, participate in service plan meetings, conduct baseline dementia assessments, present specialty webinars, and regularly distribute newsletters and other educational materials. Working closely with LIFEPlan and ACANY’s leadership will facilitate an efficient and effective, person-centered process for assessments, referrals, and consultations.

“This collaboration is an exciting opportunity to extend the Center’s specialty services to individuals, families, and community-based service providers most in need across the Empire State. This partnership adds specialized tools for LIFEPlan and ACANY members and will help families and service providers navigate aging supports,” added Karen Knavel, Pathfinder Village’s President, and Chief Executive Officer.


To learn more about the Kennedy Willis Center on Down Syndrome and its outreach initiatives, visit The Center was established in 1996 at Pathfinder Village with a three-fold mission: to provide education opportunities for families and the community-at-large regarding best practices in developmental disabilities, to serve as an information and life planning resource, and to host and support studies by accredited research organizations related to Down syndrome and related disabilities.


Pathfinder Village is an internationally respected livable community and services provider in upstate New York that was founded in 1980 to provide people with Down syndrome and related disabilities an independent, engaging, and fulfilling lifestyle. As it works to provide quality supports for older individuals, the Village also offers successful educational and pre-vocational services, and community-based day service options. To learn more, please call (607) 965-8377, Monday through Friday, 8 a.m. to 4 p.m., visit, or visit our social media on Facebook and Instagram.


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