"...that each life may find meaning."
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About Our School

We believe that given individualized instruction and a collaborative approach to learning, each student can be successful. Program features include an integrated community setting, low student-to-staff ratio, small class size, and flexible learning environment. Our small and supportive educational environment enables this to happen.

The making of friends is the cornerstone of the Pathfinder School experience. For many students with Autism, Down syndrome and other disabilities, social isolation is an unfortunate fact of their day to day life. That experience changes at Pathfinder School.

Through connections with other students, caring staff, and others, students begin to view themselves as part of a larger community. Students build confidence and a stronger sense of their individual identity. For many, this is the first time in their life that they will finally belong.

In addition to encouraging independence in our students, we also celebrate “family life” here at Pathfinder. Students’ families participate in all decision making about healthcare, service planning and anything else that impacts their student’s life at Pathfinder School. Families have been the hallmark of our community and it continues today. Family members are actively involved in their loved one’s life and, for our residential students, families stay in touch through regular visits, phoning, emailing, Skyping, letters and cards, trips home and family vacations.

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“Pathfinder Village helps people find their
way in life to independence, success, and
maturity — all the things you want for your family.”
Marian Mullet | Founder of Pathfinder Village